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Who we are

How To Student is a premier non-profit platform dedicated to helping students from applying to colleges to excelling in their careers. This organization consists of numerous ex-students from Ivy League Plus, currently working at top firms in the US. We are simply here because of our passion to help students and make a positive difference in our community.

What we do

Are you applying for college, or are you a guardian of someone who is? We all have come across that "we review each candidate holistically." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? We, who were students just months ago, get the frustration more than anyone. And we are here to help! We set up students for success from day 1 in school. We can also help with looking for affordable colleges, choosing among multiple offers, and everything in between.

"Finally in college! Now everyone has a level playing field and fair opportunity to succeed in life. Right?" Not really; the best firms have an acceptance rate of only 1-2%! Making sure you start your career with the best job is becoming increasingly hard. There are so many unwritten rules and having a foot in the door is next to impossible unless you do all the right things. But what are those? We are here to help with them.

Did you know you may be able to complete your master's degree with your bachelor's in 4 years at no extra cost? How about you can get accepted into a deferred MBA program during your senior year and get financial aid for 100% of your demonstrated need? Being a student is much, much more than getting a good GPA. Networking, getting entrepreneurial experience, developing leadership skills, etc. are much more important to get a headstart in a career or admission into graduate programs.

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