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Roshan Srinivasan

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Roshan is happy to help anyone looking to get into their dream college or land their dream job. Available for pro bono work upon request.

Roshan graduated from UC Berkeley with his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in 3.5 years. While in school, he was really involved in startup consulting and venture capital work. In his final year of school, Roshan co-founded a startup called SKUVision, an enterprise SaaS platform for inventory management for e-commerce businesses, which was part of the Berkeley SkyDeck incubator. Initially intending to do his PhD in operations management, Roshan decided to pursue a career in product management after interning at Roblox. He joined Roblox full time in January 2021 right before the company went public and is currently an Associate Product Manager working in the SF Bay Area. He previously worked at several Berkeley-based startups in blockchain, IoT, VR/AR, and e-commerce as well as Google and Johnson & Johnson as an intern. He's happy to help anyone interested in entrepreneurship / startups / venture capital, product management, engineering, CS / data science, management consulting, finance / economics, and academia.