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Vraj Shroff

Internships and Jobs MBA Programs Pro Bono People of Color International Student

Vraj is excited to help students apply for colleges, get internships, and prepare for MBA applications. He will be leading the pro bono efforts to help students of all economic backgrounds.

Vraj emigrated to the United States during his sophomore year of high school. He attended Niles West high school in the suburbs of Chicago. Vraj graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics (dual major). He also completed a minor in Statistics from the Wharton School. He interned at Steignet (Wharton Startup), Google, and Facebook as a Technical Program Manager. He also got internship and job offers from McKinsey, Bridgewater, Microsoft, CVS, Merck, Unilever, Vanguard, and other places. In 2021, Vraj was accepted to Harvard and Wharton for their deferred MBA programs. Currently, he is working at Facebook in New York City.